League of Legends has a fashion collab with Louis Vuitton that’s now out and available to purchase. If you’ve ever wanted to spend over $600 on a video game T-shirt, now’s your chance.

There’s a line of mostly women’s focused apparel and a pair of sneakers available, and as you’d expect with such a gaudy partnership, this is more of a marketing exercise for both parties than a chance for League fans to get their hands on something fashionable.

Unless, that is, you genuinely have the means to spend $640 on this t-shirt, which looks like something hanging from the discount rack at the back of a GameStop:

Or maybe you have $1410 just lying around and feel like spending it on these hideous sneakers:

Or are the type to just casually drop $4000 on a tracksuit that looks like it’s for an NBA expansion team from the 90s:

I was then going to make fun of a $5650 jacket, but it’s actually getting slightly nauseating looking at the catalogue any further, and by now I’m sure you get the point.

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