Maryland’s own IDK‘s major label debut Is He Real? packed an incredibly rich subject matter into a brief 35 minutes. The rapper questioned theology, featured Tyler, the Creator exclusively on an interlude about his view on religion, and opened up about his generation’s lack of awareness and attention span without sounding too pedantic or derivative of the backpack era.

IDK revealed that his name stands for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge, but his fourth installment of his ongoing “Hello Freestyle” series forgoes the ignorance and instead finds the rapper going off on a three minute soliloquy over JPEGMAFIA‘s production. The track covers his progress within the past year and leans into the tropes of Instagram, chasing women, and operating within the confines of the hip-hop industry’s set standards. “You ni**as switch sides like you traded your goals/ You ni**as halftime all the time/ My hunnits’s is old/ This sh*t is an ode/ My sh*t is Italia vogue/ or vogue Italia/ However pronouncing it goes.”

The song also sees him effortlessly drop references to Birdman ad libs and Kanye West’s “Bring Me Down” verse, all while reminding his listeners on the importance of ownership (and why he didn’t take a major label deal earlier in his career). “I’m from a county where counting your dough can have you counting sheep/ Permanently, like they infinity/ So please don’t act boy/ I know ni**as that be like: lemme hold dat, lemme hold dat, lemme get that/ And make that shit look like a hundred racks boy/ All for the Instagram/ That’s how they get their insta fans/ That means they fans/ Until the instant we see their career go, damn.”

Watch the video for his “Hello Freestyle (Pt. 4)” produced by JPEGMAFIA above and and revisit IDK’s Is He Real? project below.

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