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Asteroid tracker: Asteroid big enough to BLOCK OUT STARS will pass TOMORROW – Express.co.uk

AN ASTEROID big enough to obscure parts of the starlit sky will dash past the Earth in the wee morning hours tomorrow, asteroid trackers have revealed.

FACT CHECK: Was a Mars Rover’s Final Message to NASA ‘My Battery Is Low and It’s Getting Dark?’ – Snopes.com

A poetic interpretation of the Opportunity rover's final transmission from Mars went viral in February 2019.

Where and when to see the ‘super snow moon’ in the Valley – ABC15 Arizona

Nearly a month after January's "Super Wolf Blood Moon" illuminated the moon (and social media) in a red-orange hue, February's full moon will bring the largest and brightest "supermoon" of the year.

Big Ben-sized asteroid will skim past Earth TOMORROW in close flyby traveling at 30,420mph – Daily Mail

The asteroid, dubbed 2013 MD8, is expected to skim past Earth at just over 3 million miles away, or about 13 times the distance between Earth and the moon, at 12:55pm (ET) on Tuesday.

Brain represents optical illusion as delayed reality – Medical Xpress

A study of humans and monkeys published in JNeurosci has found the same subset of neurons encode actual and illusory complex flow motion. This finding supports, at the level of single neurons, what the Czech scientist Jan Purkinje surmised 150 years ago: "Ill…

Scientists uncover rare 110 MILLION year old spider fossils with eerie glowing eyes – Daily Mail

A 110-million-year-old spider fossil with glowing eyes was discovered in exposed shale in South Korea. The spider's glowing eyes come from the tapetum, a structure found behind the retina.

How Does Microwaving Grapes Create Plasma? | NOVA | PBS | NOVA – NOVA Next

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