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The end of the road for me and Top Gear: Matt LeBlanc

Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc, 51, revealed his decision not to return to Top Gear was influenced by missing his daughter, mother and friends. He spoke about memorable moments from the series.

Pence renews criticism of U.S. allies, urging action on Iran and Venezuela in Munich speech

Vice President Mike Pence chastised European leaders for remaining in the "disastrous" Iran nuclear deal at a security conference in Munich Saturday.

U.K. children walk out of classrooms to demand action on climate change

Students across the United Kingdom and in Europe walked out of the classroom Friday as part of a growing movement demanding action on climate change.

Why vegan seafood products are having a moment

Seafood is a staple of diets in this country and around the world, but getting it is problematic. Overfishing is a serious issue in our oceans and fish farms bring a host of health and environmental hazards. Now, some innovative food companies are finding suc…

Lawsuits filed against Trump’s national emergency declaration

President Trump has declared a national emergency to get more federal money for his long-promised border wall. The president announced his plan to use billions from military construction and counter-drug efforts to fund the wall. His move comes after Congres…

Man fired by company kills 5 employees in Illinois shooting

Authorities in Aurora, Illinois, say 45-year-old Gary Martin was let go from his job at a manufacturing warehouse on Friday when he opened fire on his co-workers. Five employees at the Henry Pratt Facility were killed. One other was wounded. Martin also wound…

Live updates: Shooting in Aurora, Illinois, at Henry Pratt Company – CNN

Five police officers were wounded while responding to the scene of Friday's shooting and are being treated at local hospitals, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said at a news conference. A sixth officer is receiving treatment for a knee injury.

Emily King on the “magic” of songwriting

New York native and Grammy nominee Emily King has long won acclaim for her intricate blend of R&B and soul, but the release of her third album has earned her special praise from some of the biggest names in music including John Legend, Sam Smith, Sara Bareill…

How Evan Rich’s career as a chef got started by accident

Evan Rich is a chef whose start in the food business was truly an accident. Rich had just started to drive when he wrecked his parent's car and was forced to get a job as a dishwasher to pay down the damages. That led to other restaurant jobs, a degree from t…
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