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Here’s how to start using your new Instant Pot

Tips, tricks, and recipes to help you start your multicooker journey

The most Googled Super Bowl recipe in every state

This Super Bowl Sunday, people across the United States will crowd around the TV, watch the game, and eat snacks. But Super Bowl spreads vary depending on location. To get a better picture of Americans' favorite Super Bowl recipes in each state this year, Bus…

Little Spoon gets $7M for its organic baby food delivery service

The startup, backed by Vaultier7 and Kairos, has delivered 1 million meals across the U.S. in the last year.

Most Popular Soup Recipes of 2018

A list of the most popular soup recipes on 101 Cookbooks last year, 2018. Something for every soup enthusiast here. Continue reading Most Popular Soup Recipes of 2018 on 101 Cookbooks

Nine Healthier One-bowl Baking Recipes

One bowl baking is the best. These recipes tend to use whole-grain flours, minimal refined sugar, and a single bowl. The frosting bowl doesn't count ;)... Continue reading Nine Healthier One-bowl Baking Recipes on 101 Cookbooks

How to KonMari Your Spice Rack (and Actually Use the Spices)

Now is the winter of our discontent and—due to something happening on Netflix—people seem to be managing this discontent by getting rid of all their shit. I’m into it. I have always been a fan of purging, and this extends to my fridge, freezer, and cabinets. …

Put MSG in Everything, You Cowards

By now, we should all be completely unafraid of monosodium glutamate, the umami-boosting molecule more commonly referred to as “MSG.” It will not give you headache, it will not make your arms numb, but it will inspire you to eat an entire head of roasted broc…

Anna Jones’ recipes for pea and potato traybake, and coconut soup | The Modern Cook

Frozen peas are a hero ingredient in winter: try them in this potato and feta traybake and a speedy coconut soup Frozen peas might come number one on my list of favourite vegetables. So accessible, so speedy to cook, so sweetly flavourful, and a brilliant sou…

Four recipes for breakfast in bed … for Valentine’s Day and beyond | Jane Hornby

Get on your partner’s good side on Valentine’s morning: tempting toast toppers, smoked salmon and cream cheese pancakes, or asparagus and bacon frittata Buckwheat flour gives a light nuttiness to these pancakes. A traditional blini would be made with yeast, b…
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