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US House questions Deutsche Bank over Trump links

The US House of Representatives has sent questions to Deutsche Bank as part of an investigation into the German bank’s business relationship with President Donald Trump.

ECB holds rates as Draghi faces questions on eurozone downturn

Governing council debates market concern over global slowdown

Pelosi’s control of Democrats faces US government shutdown test

House speaker’s hardline stance may face dissent if deadlock over Trump’s border wall drags on

$40bn Jardine share plunge sparks ‘fat finger’ speculation

One of Asia’s largest conglomerates suffers brief collapse in opening trading

Former Scotland leader Alex Salmond arrested and charged

Ex-SNP chief and independence campaigner set to appear in court, local media reports

Huawei eyes top spot in global smartphone sales

Chinese manufacturer says it will overtake Samsung despite foreign government security concerns

Eurozone economy edges towards standstill, survey shows

Data suggest region has not recovered from 2018 weaknesses

Carlos Ghosn resigns as head of Renault

French finance minister confirms carmaker’s boss has stood down after bail requests denied

Fear of March madness looms over Davos

The global elite worry over deadlines for the US-China trade war and Brexit
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