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Trump declares national emergency to pay for border wall

President’s move tees up clash with Democrats over executive powers

Why European banks repeatedly fall short on Wall Street

Investor pressure on Barclays and Deutsche Bank to retrench is just the latest blow

Stanley McChrystal: ‘I think I am at peace’

The ‘snake-eating’ general on Trump, war movies — and the Rolling Stone interview that got him fired

The political game behind Amazon’s retreat from New York

Local politicians accused of overplaying their hand while business despairs

US founder of Russia-focused private equity firm arrested

Michael Calvey denies claims of ‘large-scale’ fraud made by Moscow prosecutors

NYSE goes to court to halt SEC plan

Stock exchange says scheme ‘arbitrary and capricious’ in petition

Facebook in talks with US watchdog to settle privacy investigation

FTC could levy multibillion-dollar fine if it decides social network broke data consent order

What will change with the EU’s new copyright law?

New rules aim to give artists and publishers more power over internet platforms

Francesca Bellettini — the star at Saint Laurent

With record profits and nearly €2bn in sales, it’s no wonder Kering’s chief executive is smiling
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