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Pope Francis Again Criticizes ‘Builders of Walls’

Francis has disagreed with President Donald Trump on a number of issues. Speaking in Panama City, he said walls sow fear and divide people.

Trump Announces a Deal Has Been Reached to End the Government Shutdown

The deal comes on the 35th day of the shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, and just as 800,000 federal workers miss their second paycheck.

U.S. Diplomats Remain in Venezuela Amidst Ongoing Political Turmoil

The Trump administration has sided with Juan Guaidó and the opposition, but President Nicolás Maduro still commands the Venezuelan military.

Trump Plans to Address Shutdown Friday Amid Senate Negotiations

The comments come as about 800,000 federal employees who are furloughed or working without pay and many of them missed their second paycheck on Friday.

30,000 IRS Workers Were Ordered Back to Work. Half Didn’t Show.

Nearly half of 30,000 Internal Revenue Service employees ordered to return to work this week by the Trump administration have not done so.

Queen Elizabeth May—or May Not—Have Made a Veiled Comment on Brexit

During a speech, the queen called for "coming together" and "never losing sight of the bigger picture," seen as a possible comment on Brexit.

NBA Champs Golden State Warriors Snub Trump in Favor of Obama in Washington, D.C. Visit

Foregoing the traditional White House visit for the second year in a row, the Warriors met privately with President Obama instead.

Trump’s Risk Deepens After Mueller Arrests Longtime Ally Stone

The president has recently tried to downplay his connections to Stone, who was briefly a top adviser in Trump’s presidential campaign.

Walmart Wants to Hire 900 Truck Drivers With Salary Nearly Twice the Average

The retailer is looking to hire 900 truckers and adjusting some of its payment structures to bring the average salary to $87,500.
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